Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Beauty Of Sphene

Sphene what a weird name for a gemstone. You would think such an exotic stone would have a more exotic name. It is also referred to as Titanite again not very glamorous at all. My picture taking skills are not that great but the yellow green stone is a Sphene from my personal collection. The video below shows Sphene in rough form. Sphene can range in color from yellow, green, to even a real yucky brownish color. In its finest form it is a lovely green color, with the most brilliant fire you have ever seen. It only has a hardness of about 5 1/2 on the Moh's hardness scale, so care must be taken if you do set it in jewelry. It has more fire than a diamond, and is absolutely stunning in natural light sources.


Reeni said...

I never even heard of this before! It's very pretty.

Sina said...

I agree.. It's very beautiful and exotic..

Melissa said...

Reeni and Sina thank your for stopping by. It is a lovely gem indeed.

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