Thursday, September 30, 2010

48 Hour Sale Pretty In Pink

This weeks 48 hour sale, in my Etsy Store, features this lovely pink Rhodolite Garnet. Garnet is an all natural gemstone that comes in every shade and hue except blue, though there is a purplish colored garnet as well. Garnet is the birthstone for January, and what a variety of choices you have. Get this lovely pink Garnet with CZ's all around it, in a cocktail yet petite ring, for $24.99 until Saturday at 12 noon, when it will go back to the original price. It is a size 6 and I offer a free layaway service if you want to use it. So click the link above and hop on over to my store, and buy this lovely ring.


Roby said...

wow..what a lovely ring..

Melissa said...

Thank you Roby

shengy said...

i born in January..nice ring huh

vintage jewelery said...

Its so pretty and cute ring.I sont like pink but in this ring it looks very nice.But I also want to see puple shade and I think its affordable also.So I am going to buy it.

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