Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wire Wrap A Pendant Basic Technique

If you want to learn wire wrapping, this is the easiest most basic step you should start with. I like that she used very large beads that are easy to hold on to and maneuver. Once you get a feel for the technique you could wire wrap the smaller ones which in my opinion are more complicated. These are great, and affordable for young girls, and teenagers, to learn to make for their friends.


Reeni said...

I have been experimenting - or maybe I should say practicing free forms for the first time the last few weeks. I'm not happy at all with my work - she makes it seem so easy. I think I am overthinking it...Thanks for the video!

Melissa said...

Reeni I know how you feel. I am still learning and though I am happier with my work it is definitely a work in progress. Some of these people who make these videos actually were the masterminds behind wire wrapping and have been doing it for many years. Practice, Practice, Practice, that is what I say.

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