Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time To Monetize

I have had this blog now for a little bit, and I think it is time to start to monetize. It has a PR of 2, and I would like it to go up. As you know one of the ways you can help monetize your blog is by doing linkbacks, and paid blogger posts. There are other ways as well, but these are the fastest and most efficient ways to monetize a blog. If you have blogspot, like me, or any other free blogging platform then there are only a limited amount of get paid to blog websites out there. Link from blog is one of those websites that will pay you to do a paid review, survey, or article. Once your blog has been approved, and rated for pricing, you can bid on offers in the marketplace. Once you place a bid the advertiser will either approve or decline your bid. Link from blog currently uses Paypal as their method of payout, and there is zero commissions taken from you upon payout. I am a new member there, and I am looking forward to monetizing this blog, increasing my readership, and making a few extra bucks, with Link from blog. If you are an advertiser then you can get your website, or product seen by using their services as well. Go on and check it out! Just click the big and beautiful button displayed below.

Paid reviews


ghozi said...

nice sharing..i do with paid blogger posts...

Melissa said...

Thank you.

richescorner said...

There are a few paid to blog sites out there. I will check out linkfromblog. I have been using blogvertise, which just gives out assignments with a set price so there's no bidding. You might want to take a look at them as well.

Melissa said...

Thank you Rich I am marking it now so I can check it out later.

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