Sunday, August 22, 2010

How To Make A Tree Of Life Pendant

I have shared this video before but it was over a year ago, and since it was immensely popular I thought I would share it again. Please if you have made one of these, share how easy or difficult it was.


ruthi said...

cool. thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

You're welcome!

Reeni said...

I wish I had the patience to try this! I remember last year when you posted it I thought to myself that someday soon I was going to give it a go - but I'm still not ready to tackle it. Her instructions do seem quite easy to follow. Have you ever made one?

Melissa said...

I have not made one yet either. I always have other projects lined up and never quite get to it. It does seem simple enough. I will have to see about getting all the supplies so I can give it a try. I have most of the stuff I need but I need to pick some smaller gem beads and that always takes me forever, too many to choose from.

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