Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Am Looking For 8 Crafters!

If you look over on the right hand column of this blog you will notice the header, Friends of Melissa's Jewelry. This is a new feature I have started. I need eight more crafters to add to the list, before it can officially begin. You must have a craft, and it can be a blog, or store, and can be supplies for crafters. Simply email me at with your site link, and the first eight to contact me will get it posted. After I have ten total, they will remain there for three months, at which time I will repost to give others a chance. Don't miss out on this opportunity, contact me today!


Puzzled1 said...

I would love to become one of your crafters. My web site is I will email you also.

Melissa said...

OMG I love your site. I have added it, and you are number five. I have no idea how you found my blog, but I am so glad you did.

Richard said...

Great site! I also just found this website for all of you who are discount coupons lovers. There are big jewelry discount for 1 day, this online jewelry store is going to launch soon, and they're giving huge discount codes for the launch of their website. Visit

Puzzled1 said...

Thanks! I found your site doing a search of blogs with keyword crafters.

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