Monday, June 14, 2010

A Couple Of New Features For This Blog, Get Your 125x125 Widget On Here

First of all the new layout. Do you like it? If you have a blogspot blog then you know have some new options in designing your blog. They have a nice selection, and after a little bit of working with it, it wasn't that hard.

I have been so busy this blog has kind of been neglected. I still post, and do the traffic to it, but I just have not had time to put a little extra into it. Now it is summer vacation, and I have some free time.

I will be accepting 10 text links of blogs that are either about jewelry, crafting, gemstones, or collecting that will be under my Friends of Melissas Gems header. The first ten people to contact me at will get their link shown. I already have one that contacted me, so that only leaves nine spots left. The links will remain for two months, at which time I will remove them, and see if ten others would like to be featured there. A reciprocal link on your site to mine, would be appreciated but is not necessary. I will not be doing any other free links other than the ones I already have posted.

If you would like to have your 125x125 widget on this blog, it is a PR2, that is $2.50 per month, payable via Paypal. I have all this space, and I might as well try to make a little cash to help buy new supplies. To purchase your spot for your 125x125 widget contact me at for payment details. Please be sure to specify if you want the paid widget or the free text link listed above, remember there are only nine spots for that.

If you really want to get your site noticed, and no it doesn't have to be a blog you can purchase advertising on any of my other blogs with these rates: Melissas Barefoot Blog $1.00 per month for 125x125 box, Melissas Homeschool $5.00 per month for a 125x125 widget. I will not accept sexually explicit, violent, illegal, or hateful sites, and they will be checked. I am pretty liberal with just about anything else. Use the same email listed above to contact me getting your paid ads on any of these sites. I have lots of space available.


betchai said...

wow, so many of us changed our blog's lay-out and look, i like your new style too. i find it easy to change the look of my blog also with blogger, but then, i do not have much experience with wordpress.

Melissa said...

Yes Betchai, and I love your new layout too. They have some nice options now.

rochelle said...

Yey! I love your new template! missed visiting here, i've been caught up with lots of other things lately. best regards, melissa! =)

Nhil said...

Hi Melissa,

Love the new template. Blogger really hit it right when they decided to come up with this one. I also enjoyed tweaking some of my blogger blogs a bit.

Wish you more ka ching on your ad space. :)

engagement rings said...

very beautiful template..i like it..users defintely goint to see it..changes you made to the blog are in right way..have some jewellery designs..

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