Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day Give Away Pink Zircon Ring

Would you love to win this beautiful Pink Zircon ring? Well good news I am giving it away! Straight from my Etsy store, you can win this ring, just in time for Mothers Day.

I have taken on a new project, in my free time. Yeah right, I don't have a lot of free time LOL. I am now selling award winning childrens books at my Barefoot Books store. Anyone who purchases 20 dollars worth of Barefoot Books, or gifts, from my store, will be entered to win this awesome ring. I only have one, and there can only be one winner. It ends on Mother's Day, and you can find all the rules and the link to my store by clicking right here. Be sure you read, and understand the rules completely. If you have any questions email me at or leave a comment here. Go on and get your entry in. I would love to give this beautiful ring to one of my lovely readers. My kids own, and read Barefoot Books, and I assure you they are of the best quality. Remember you have to to my Barefoot Blog, to enter.


jenn said...

That is a beautiful ring. I am off to check out the books...

Melissa said...

I am sure you will find some books, or gifts your children would love.

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