Wednesday, March 10, 2010

17 Dollar Rings

In honor of St Patricks Day, I have marked a bunch of jewelry down to 17 dollars. Shown are just two examples. Be sure to visit my Etsy store, to see all my 17 dollar items. Sale ends on March 17th, at 8PM, so be sure to get your favorites.


Cinnamon-Girl said...

Wow! Your practically giving them away! That's a great deal. Their gorgeous.

Melissa said...

I am hoping it will spark a lot of sales.

Femmepower said...

melissa,i'm interested about the petite tanzanite with white sapphire,size 5. how much is shipping to the phil?

Melissa said...

Rochelle I will have to consult my post office and get back to you. Hopefully not too much.

Femmepower said...

ok,melissa,i'll wait for your update.i hope it's not gonna cost more than the ring,lol. thanks!

Femmepower said...

Melissa,I tried to order the item but this prompt appeared:

"Your order from missy69 can't be shipped to Philippines. Please click remove next to those items to remove them from your cart, or change the country you want the items shipped to."

I wonder why. =(

Melissa said...

I will fix it.

Melissa said...

Rochelle I fixed it. I don't normally ship international, because my post office is a pain. But I make exceptions for friends.

Femmepower said...

thanks,melissa. i'll try it again right about now.

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