Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Friday Letter Q: Quartz Crystals

Today is Fun Friday, at our Blogging For Fun group, and we are up to the letter Q, in the A-Z meme. Q is for Quartz crystals. The video below is cool, and the gentleman that does it has tons of others on Quartz crystals. He has some of the largest, and loveliest collections of Quartz crystals, that I have seen. Check them out, if you love to learn about gems.


Ebie said...

This is a wonderful video and very informative. Very surprised that amethyst is quartz.

P.S. I took down the EC badge, because I do not have time to return the drop. I don't seem to have enough time after work.

Melissa said...

Ebie, thank you for letting me know, at least I won't be looking for it. It is very time consuming that is for sure.

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