Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter P: Prasiolite

It is Fun Friday again, at our blogging group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z meme, and we are up to the letter P. P is for Prasiolite, also referred to as Green Amethyst. Prasiolite even though it is in the quartz family, it is not a totally natural gemstone. What do I mean by that? Prasiolite is achieved by heat treating, under very high temperatures, very light colored purple Amethyst. It comes out this lovely soft, minty green color, and are exceptionally clean. They look very much like a natural green Sapphire, without the very high expense of the Sapphire. I have several Prasiolites in my collection, but this is the only one that is currently in jewelry. This sterling silver ring, features an 8mmx6mm emerald cut Prasiolite gemstone. with red sapphires on either side. It is about 1 1/2 carats, and is a stunner on the hand. This lovely ring is available for sale in my Etsy store, and you will get 25% off until Valentines Day, if you use the code Valentine, at cash out. Prasiolite like Amethyst, has a hardness of right around 7, on the Mohs hardness scale. Be sure to check out all my great items, as I offer a free layaway service to anyone who wishes to use it.


betchai said...

oh, i learned something new today, did not know about prasiolite before. it is beautiful, Melissa.

Melissa said...

Betchai, thank you, I love the lovely soft green color.

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