Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Color Change Diaspore My Favorite Gemstone

As a gemstone collector, the color change gemstones are by far my favorite. I own two small Alexandrites, and this color change Diaspore, also known as Turkish Diaspore, and sold under the trade name of Zultanite. I actually blogged about this stone, some time ago. I had set it in silver, and said I might actually put it in gold, at some point. Well I did, and I absolutely love it set in the yellow gold. I put two very small lilac Tanzanites on either side of it. This is by far one of my favorite pieces. I can not wear it for every day wear, though, because it only has a hardness of about six, making it vulnerable to dings. Watch the video below to see the actual color change that color change diaspore makes.


Anne said...

That was really cool. I don't know if it was the cut or the stone, but I loved when it was multiple colors.

Melissa said...

It is the stone, but some cuts can enhance the color change a bit better than others.


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