Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Friday Zuda Gay Etsy Shop

Well it is Fun Friday, again. This week I am featuring Zuda Gays Etsy Store. She make polymer clay beads, and they are simply lovely. I was born in August, and the Sunflower is the flower for that month. I love Sunflowers, they are so bright, and cheery. These beads are large, and would make a lovely focal bead, for any of your jewelry creations. She has lots of different types, and she will do personal requests. So if there is something you would like to have made out of polymer clay, into a bead, drop her a note, and maybe she can do it for you. Her prices are very reasonable, and I did not find them to be overly expensive at all. If you like unique, and different jewelry pieces, be sure to check out her rings. I love them! I love the blue, and brown color combo. It is such a lovely color combination, and it looks so lovely on her hand. Be sure to stop by Zuda Gays store, and show her some love.

If you want to be featured on Fun Friday, just leave me a comment, with your store address, or crafting blog address, and you can be featured too.


ZudaGay said...

Thank you so much for the feature!!! I appreciate it very much. :)

Myfanwy said...

Zuda's work is amazing. You must look at her shop.

Melissa said...

Zuda, you are very welcome.

Myfawy I need new sites to blog about, put your link in so you get a turn too.

Annie Bierma said...

So SO cute! Love your work Zuda!

Judy Nolan said...

Thanks for featuring Zuda, whose flowers are exquisite. She never repeats a design, and her workmanship is wonderful. (I know, since I have bought more than half a dozen of her flowers!)

The Royal Family said...

I am trying to get a blog/Etsy party going on for Black friday pricing in some Etsy shops on WED before Thanksgiving... I am trying to spread the word, get people to join me and list a few items at a deep discount price and join the party it will help people out and get more traffic to shops and blogs, please help spread the word or join the cause.

Check out my post here :

Thanks so so much, Brandy

circleinthesand said...

Hi Melissa - Happy Friday!! Isn't Zuda's shop amazing. I never ceased to be amazed at her detailed work. And she is such a sweetie. Great pick for your Fun Friday!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ebie said...

This could be also good for a pin on the lapel!

Anne said...

Those are so beautiful. They look like kids would love them too.

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you for being supportive.

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