Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun Friday Vintage Legacy Studio Etsy Shop

Well it is Fun Friday again. Are you having fun? Well you will after you see the very cool shop I am featuring this week. Vintage Legacy Studio, is an Etsy shop, with some very cool vintage items. I love vintage items, they are so historical. I had to pick two items from her shop, because I love them both.

First check out that cool vintage dress with fan, gloves, beaded bag, and fascinator. How cool would you look going to your Halloween party in this? It is awesome, I love it!

Second is this very cool vintage, porcelain, ladies hair receiver. Never heard of a hair receiver? Me neither LOL. It was something ladies in the Edwardian Era, kept on their vanity. As they brushed their very long hair every night, they would put whatever pieces of hair that ended up in the brush into the hole of this receiver. Then when it was full they would use the hair to make pin cushions. Kind of gross, right, well not really since the oils stored in the hair, kept the needles from rusting. Pretty cool, if you ask me. I love vintage dishes, and such probably the best. This piece is lovely, and appears to be in excellent condition. Be sure to check out all her other great items at Vintage Legacy Studio.

If you have an Etsy shop, or crafting blog, leave me a comment, with the address, and when your turn comes up I will feature your shop or blog.

Have a great Fun Friday, everyone.


Judi B said...

Thank you for including my shop in your Fun Friday blog! I love to share the knowledge I've gleaned from years of research into the Victorian/Edwardian eras -- and try to include many of those little interesting tidbits in my descriptions of vintage items in my store. It's so easy to lose the "what and why" of our past if we don't keep it alive. Blessings -- Judi

Melissa said...

Judi you are very welcome. I fell in love with your shop, and all the cool info you supply.

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