Sunday, October 4, 2009

All About October's Birthstone

Were you born in the month of October? If yes, your birthstone is the lovely Opal. Some people also use Pink Tourmaline, for the month of October. Watch the quick video below, and learn all about your beautiful birthstone.


Laura said...

Both me and my daughters were born in October. My mom always told me that it was unlucky to wear opal if you were not born in October. I guess the video explains why she thought that.

Marcos said...

Hey that article is too good. And my brother is also born in October. And with the help of this video I get the how much important to wear the opal for the person who born in October. So thanks for sharing with me such a nice video. For the more discounts and offers visit on Mondera coupon code

Melissa said...

Laura, my mother tells that old wives tale too. I am unsure if it is true, but I love Fire Opal, and black opals, and if I ever get any I intend to wear them.

Marcos thank you so much for stopping by.

Kate Burton said...

The way I heard it was it was unlucky to wear opals if you bought them for yourself, that they should be a gift. Luckily I'm an October girl so I occasionally receive them as a gift.

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