Sunday, August 9, 2009

What Does A Gem Geek Get For Her Birthday?

My husband is not comfortable buying gemstones for me, so I always pick what I want, and then he gets it. This year I got a 50 carat parcel, that included the gemological tweezers, and this lovely tray with 50 gems jars. This is my whole collection, minus a few that I could not fit in. I have been collecting these for years, and years. A lot of them have been made into jewelry already, and sold, or given as gifts. This is the first I have gotten the little jars, I just always kept them in a soft lined box. They are much easier to see this way, and show off, I highly recommend them if you collect gemstones. I have never been comfortable with tweezers, until I got the gemological tweezers, they really are much easier to use. I am unsure why, but I am an expert with the tweezers now. It took me a long time to get all those stones, in those little jars. I don't have a gem scale, so I am not sure how many carats I have in my collection, but it is quite a bit.

I was somewhat spoiled this year. Usually I just pass over my birthday with no big hoopla. This year my husband, and kids took me to dinner. A bit pricey but it was nice, to not have to cook, and get treated. Plus a new vacuum on the way. I know all you women are groaning at the thought of getting a vacuum for your birthday. But, when we bought our home, it was already 20 years old, and the rugs are just something to wish away LOL. I had one vacuum that worked wonderful, and it died, and my back up really kind of stinks. I am not a neat freak, but I am not a fan of dirt either. So my husband ordered me a new vacuum, and I am actually excited.


Split Rock Ranch said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous birthday and what great gifts! I would be thrilled with a new vacuum for any occasion - or anything that makes life easier around the house!

betchai said...

glad you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed your gifts Melissa, the vacuum surely is a need and is also a great gift.

Femmepower said...

So it was a great day for you, eh?How nice of your hubby to buy you a vacuum cleaner. That should make your cleaning a lot easier.Guess what,it's what I've been wanting to buy (just the handy one that's good for sucking off dust from beds and sofas) but I've been putting off.I should really get one before my allergic rhinitis strikes again.

Ey,your collection looks neat!

Melissa said...

Thanks guys, yes it was a very nice weekend. I actually can not wait to try the new vacuum, this little one just does not do the job I want it to.

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