Friday, August 14, 2009

Gem Mining in North Carolina

Did you know you could mine for your own gems in North Carolina? Yep it is true. I have never been, but I intend to get there someday. My sister, and her husband live in NC, and I am going to try to coerce my husband into stopping by the mine, when we go to visit them next fall. I may have to do a day trip, with just me, and my kids sometime, and leave the hubby home LOL. Watch this cool video about gem mining in NC.


Christie Cottage said...

Cool! My friend who is the president of the local chapter of the Rock & Mineral Club goes digging in mines all the time!

Melissa said...

OOH I am so jealous!

Femmepower said...

We have a place like that too in Davao del Norte but giant companies have become tough competitors so the locals can now hardly benefit from these natural resources.

betchai said...

your post reminds me of kalilea of Treasure Hunting Melissa, I actually miss her and wonder where she is now, I know she goes gem digging for hobby. I still go to her site once a while just to read her posts.

betchai said...

i mean, to read her old posts.

Melissa said...

Rochelle I know a lot of countries now use their natural gem resources as a means of income, where as here in the states, it is not really a corporation thing.

Betchi I miss Kalilea too. Every now and then, I check her blog to see if she added anything new. I wonder what happened to her, I hope she is OK

Shanna said...

About a year ago the boyfriend and I went gem mining in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was so much fun the first time that we went back the next night. I got a beautiful 1 carat blue topaz ring out of the first night and numerous different gemstones out of the second night.

We've already decided we're doing it again next time we go to TN/NC.

Melissa said...

Shanna that is so cool. I will have to remember that place, in case I ever get to go there.

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