Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Turquoise Alternative Birthstone For July

For all you July babies, who maybe can not afford a real nice Ruby, you have choices. Turquoise is an alternative birthstone for July babies, and a favorite of mine. The white pendant shown is Magnesite, also called White Buffalo Turquoise. It is a sacred gemstone to Native Americans. It is wire wrapped with a soft lovely wire. It is available for sale in my Etsy store. The lovely blue one is Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty Mines, in AZ. It is some of the finest turquoise available today. Watch the video below to learn all about Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Be sure to check out the Italian carvings, they are stunning.


femmepower said...

I can't wait to see you feature a ring for September's birth stone (My birth month) =) Your birthday is just a few days away. You got a bash planned for the family? =)

Melissa said...

Do you use sapphire for September, or an alternate? I love sapphires, expensive but lovely. We are just having a little get together, I am not into all that flashy stuff.

femmepower said...

Uhm I actually don't know what my birthstone is.So is it sapphire for September?I normally just go for pearls, silver and gold because I didn't know my birthstone.=) Me too,I don't go for flashy birthday celebrations.In fact,we rarely hold bday parties.Most of the time,we just celebrate it by dining out with the family.This way we can stash more savings in my daughter's bank account.

Melissa said...

OOH you are a sapphire then. I will be sure to do a nice post on sapphires, and alternate birthstones too.

Dr. Lauren said...

I love turquoise. I have several antique pieces I found in a antique store of all places. Go figure. I don't think they realized what they really were.

Margaret said...

I celebrate my birthday on july and I thought only ruby was my birthsone. I feel happy that turquoise stands as an alternative.
Thanks for the nice information shared.


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