Thursday, July 2, 2009

Burma Rubies Banned

I believe it was last year, but might have been the year before, that the US banned the buying and selling of all Burmese Rubies. Rubies from Burma, are of the finest quality, but due to the dictator governments abuse of their people, the US put on the ban so we are not helping to fund that government, and their ways. This put a strain on the whole ruby industry, because technically there is no definite way to know a stone came from Burma or not, unless the trader is honest and says where it comes from. So a lot of buyers in the US had to stop buying rubies all together, without proof of where they were coming from. Of course if you are caught selling, or buying Burma rubies, after the ban the fines are extremely high. The ruby, one of the most precious gemstones in the world, having a hard time making it to markets.


betchai said...

thanks for sharing the video Melissa, it is so informative. The stones are indeed very pretty.

Melissa said...

I love rubies, the true red ones, they are lovely indeed.

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