Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Basic Rock/Mineral Identification, Cute Gemstone Poem

Watch this cool video, to help learn how to identify common minerals, and rocks. I have several more of these to share, so be sure to check back often. They are very interesting, and informational. Some of you may know that I homeschool my children. For Science today, we are learning about types of rocks. My sons writing assignment was to write a short story about finding a new gemstone species. I thought I would share it, as I thought it was really cute.

Yesterday, I found a new species of gemstone. It was like a rainbow, but not like the rainbow of an Opal. It had kind of different colors. Instead of red, it had orchid. Instead of orange, it had macaroni and cheese. Instead of yellow, it had tangerine. Instead of green, it had pine forest green. Instead of blue it had cerulean, and instead of purple, it had violet blue. I found it in a place where people had been inslaved secretly, until 2005. So I named it Slavenite. Sadly, I only found one Slavenite, and so I left, and kept it in my collection box.

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