Thursday, May 7, 2009

Large and In Charge Amethyst Ring

This is my moms Mothers Day gift, made by me. She has been telling me for some time that she wanted an emerald cut amethyst ring. I purchased the lovely 10mmx8mm emerald cut amethyst, from Fire Mountain Gems, they have some of the finest amethyst around. Then I had to find a setting, that was no easy task. I should have found the setting first, then bought the stone. At any rate, this lovely sterling silver, with rhodium plating, ring had a huge, and lovely clear CZ as the center stone. I removed the CZ and added my Amethyst to the setting. This can always be tricky, as you can damage the prongs, but I am quite good at it now. You see the results. It is a heavy ring, with a heavy silver weight. I hope she loves it. Happy Mothers Day, mom. Please do not forget about my sale in my Etsy store. 15% off, please use code mothers, so I can mark the price down for you.


betchai said...

you are very thoughtful, Melissa. Yes, hope your mom will love your gift, but I believe she will, especially if she learns that is handmade with love. Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Melissa said...

Betchai yes I am sure she will. She is not really the type to say she does not like something, but I would like her to really love it. Have a great day.

Laura said...

Your mom is a lucky woman to have a daughter like you. The ring is beautiful.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Gorgeous ring! I love emerald cuts.

Melissa said...

Laura thank you.

Five o clock somewhere, I am a big fan of emerald cuts too. It is hard to hide flaws with this cut, and the stone pretty much has to be perfect.

Dave Robertson said...

What an awesome present, Melissa, your skills must make your mom very proud :)

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Anonymous said...

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