Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Few Things I Have Learned

The other day I posted about using a dichroscope to test for unheated Tanzanite. I messed around with my dichroscope last night, it is a secret though because it is a Mother's Day gift, so shh do not tell anyone. Anyway I had some Tanzanite pieces, and I tested them, and some of them do have the yellow/green colors that show through the dichroscope. So I am excited to think I have some natural, unheated Tanzanite. I also learned when using the dichroscope, be sure to have white paper behind the piece you are looking at. What a big difference that made. Also, I have been suffering from headaches, when looking at stones, and making jewelry. I went and had an eye exam, and was prescribed glasses for up close work. If you wear glasses, for up close work, you need to wear them when looking through the dichroscope. Without them, I could not really see a thing. With them, it was amazing the difference. Those are the new things, I have discovered in my endless journey to learn to identify gemstones. More soon, have a great day, everyone.

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