Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Beautiful CZ

For those of you born in April, the beautiful diamond is your birthstone. As we all know Diamonds are very expensive, especially if you want a nice one. That is where the CZ comes in. CZ's are not only affordable, but beautiful. There is both synthetic, and simulants where CZ's are concerned. You can read my post on that subject, in my archives. Some popular CZ's are Pink Ice, Fabulite, Yag, Moissanite, Bella Luce, Signity Star just to name a few. CZ's can also be a substitute for engagement rings. If you do not want to spend a fortune on your engagement ring, a CZ is a wonderful substitute. The trick is to be sure to buy a size, that fits your wage level, so that is believable. For example, if you work for minimum wage, you will not want a 3 ct engagement ring, because no one will probably think it is real. However, if you buy a CZ engagement ring that is 1 ct or less, no one would ever guess it was not real. Some people think it is offensive to wear a CZ as an engagement ring. Why, no one would know unless you told them. I am a very frugal wife, when my husband and I got engaged I told him to buy a CZ. Why spend all that money on just a so so diamond, when you can get a lovely CZ for a fraction of the price. No one ever knew mine was a CZ, half carat size, and I got all kinds of compliments. Plus it gives you a reason to upgrade, on a later anniversary. I am still waiting for my 1 ct blue diamond solitaire, someday. CZ's make awesome right hand rings as well, and they come in all kinds of wonderful colors, and hues. The two rings pictured, are both CZ's The round one is a 6mm round, diamond cut set in a sterling silver setting, size 6. The other is a 8mm Princess Cut, size 5, sterling silver, and that one is especially stunning. Both of these lovely rings will be available for sale in my Etsy store, or you can buy through this blog, using Paypal. USA buyers only. Contact me if you are interested.


Laura said...

That is another pretty ring. I guess you could use it as an engagement ring. Mine is so small you can't even see it. Lol!

betchai said...

oh that is a very beautiful and lovely ring, Melissa.

Melissa said...

Thank you to both of you. I am very fond of the princess cut, and it does not sit real high. If it does not sell, it may have to stay in my collection. Have a great day, both of you.

beautiful jewellery said...

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