Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pretty In Pink

There are so many pink varieties of gemstones. Pink is one of my favorite colors, for gemstones. You can get light pink, all the way to shocking pink. Some varieties of Pink gemstones are pink sapphire, morganite, kunzite, pearls, mother of pearl, tennessee river shell, pink topaz, pink tourmaline, pezzotoite, rhodochrosite, and rhodolite garnet. Kunzite is a pinkish lilac color depending on lighting. Patroke Kunzite is a shocking pink variety of Kunzite, from Pakistan, and extremely expensive. Morganite, which is usually a very soft pink color, also comes in a variety where it has lovely peach undertones to it. I have one Morganite gemstone, that I have not set yet. I used to have a small pear shape, with the peach undertones, but I sold it. Morganite is very difficult to get, in good quality. Of course Pink Sapphire, and Pink Tourmaline are also very expensive, and difficult to obtain in good quality. Pink Topaz is a treated gemstone, that is probably the most affordable, and obtainable. There is natural color Pink Topaz but it is extremely rare, rarely sold to the general public, and extremely expensive. All these pieces pictured are available for sale. Some are in my Etsy store, some are not. If you would like info, and pricing please feel free to contact me.


Nilz said...

It's cool again. Wonderful craftsmanship! Anyway, one update, and it is about my new blog:
I expect your visit.
Have a nice time.

Melissa said...

Thank you

betchai said...

i too love pink, and i really have thinking about that pink with blue dangling earrings for a long time now, for i really love the design, only that i wonder if it would look good on me since i am not that comfortable in wearing something that is long and big enough for others to notice right away. but i must admit i so love that design!!!! sometimes i wish i am girlie enough, hehehehe.

Melissa said...

betchai, I was thinking if I could make them smaller, but I am not sure. I will see what I can do.

betchai said...

he melissa, wow, thanks, you're very thoughtful, actually, maybe i get more conscious with the length, maybe the size would be okay, but i really think that blue and pink come perfect together

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