Monday, February 9, 2009

Pezzottaite From The Beryl Family

This ring is a pink gemstone, it is heavily included, but a nice size of an 8mmx6mm oval. At first upon getting this loose stone, I was extremely excited because I thought a miracle had happened and I got a Bixbite. Imagine the stress on my heart. Now I am not saying it is not a Bixbite, as it looks like a lot of Bixbite stones I have seen, except not nearly as red in color. So I did some searching and I think it is actually Pezzottaite, an extremely rare form of Beryl that does resemble both Morganite, and Bixbite, but has a completely different chemical composition. It is almost always heavily included, and is usually cut in cabachon cats eye form. It has a 7.5 hardness on the Moh's hardness scale, and is kind of greasy in luster. Now this could be an included Pink Sapphire, or any other pink gemstone. Whatever it is it has nice color, and size. I am willing to sell this one, and the price is negotiable. If you are interested in this unique, and lovely ring contact me for discussion of price.

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