Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teal Topaz With Pink Inlaid Mother Of Pearl

I bought the pink inlaid Mother Of Pearl semi mount, from Jewelry Television. It is sterling silver, with a half bezel mount. I will not by the bezel setting again, I just do not like the way the stones get set in there. I have used back set bezel settings, and they were okay. They are also nice if you have a delicate stone you do not want to ding. Anyway I do love the pink inlaid mother of pearl, just not the half bezel setting. It did come out quite lovely though, when finished.

Topaz does not come out of the ground this color. It is either heat treated, or irradiated to achieve the desired color. White Topaz is very abundant, thank goodness, as that is what is used to get all the wonderful colors that Topaz comes in. This ring is not for sale, it will be staying in my collection. However I do have other loose gemstones in this variety, so be sure to watch for more if you love this color. I also have a pair of earrings in Teal Topaz that are available for sale. To see them you can see the archives, or click on my Etsy mini, at the bottom of the page, or just ask me.

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