Monday, January 12, 2009

SS Teal Topaz Earrings With CZ Accents

These lovely earrings are Teal Topaz with Diamond CZ accents. They are sterling silver, leverback design.

Topaz comes in so many interesting colors, and varieties. At least 95% of Topaz is treated using White Topaz, and Irradiation, Heat, or Bulk Diffusion to get such interesting, and splendid colors. These were created using snap tite earring settings. Snap tite settings are the easiest way to set gemstones, and I have a tutorial available in the archives explaining it. They are very often not the most durable settings though, especially when in ring form. I have never really found a snap tite ring, that I liked, the prongs are extremely flimsy. However there are ones being made now that have Sterling Silver as the main element, with the Head of the ring being White Gold thereby making it stronger. I have not tried any of these to verify this.

Each earring has a 7mmx5mm oval Teal Topaz with round CZ accents. These will be listed in my Etsy store for 34.99. You can also purchase them here for 29.99, and free shipping. The price difference is due to fees charged by Etsy. Save some money, and buy through my blog. Just contact me for info, free shipping is to USA only. All my products are not marketed for anyone under the age of 12. A release must be signed stating product is not being purchased for any child under 12.

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