Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Bead Pen Is Finally Finished

Oh my goodness I had a hard time getting a great shot of this pen. I do not know why, but any way here it is, please forgive the Publishers Clearing house junk mail, in the shot. I have had this pen for a while, and while it was not difficult to assemble the pen, I did have a hard time finding beads for it. I finally found these lovely hand crafted beads, custom made for me by Breathtaking Beadzz I have never been a huge bead fan, until I discovered beaders on Etsy. I have never seen so many creative designs for beads. The pen can be purchased at Art Beads You should check out both of these websites, and see all of their awesome products. Art Beads offers a free learning center, with tons of information, and instructions for jewelry, and crafters. Be sure to check it out. This lovely pen, is available for sale for 49.99 in my Etsy shop, or you can buy it here through my blog, for 45.99 and free shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


bechai said...

the pen looks great melissa, have you tried taking a picture of it standing or it does not look good? i wonder how you put the beads in there, but the design and colors match the pen very well.

mommyko said...

Hi I am Mommyko at Wonderful Things In Life, I am wondering if you want to sponsor a contest this coming February I appreciate if you can reply. Thanks.

Oh i forgot you can offer your product, cash through paypal, EC credits, ad space or its up to you what you can offer...

Melissa said...

betchai: yes I tried standing up, and it didn't catch the beauty of the beads. It really was not hard to put together, trying to find beads that I liked the way they looked, and fit how I wanted was the hardest part. As I stated I had the beads custom made, so I knew they would fit properly. The barrel of the pen is just a rod, with the very top being removeable to slide the beads onto the barrel of the pen.

Melissa said...

mommyko: I tried to contact you through your blog, but your contact page was not functioning properly. If you could email me at darien04@gmail.com with all the info, I will consider it.

cyndie said...

Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for displaying your wonderful pen with my beads. You did a great job! Love your blog too!

Melissa said...

Thank you Cyndie for having the beads I needed to make my pen so beautiful. Stop by again.


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