Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hey All You January Babies

First of all no matter what date you were born on in January, Happy Birthday. My mom's birthday is January 5th. I am making her a matching pair or Magnesite(White Buffalo Turqoise) earrings. I made her the necklace, for Christmas and she loved it.

Garnet is the birthstone for January babies. My mom has tons of Garnet jewelry, which is why I did not make a Garnet piece for her.

The most popular form of Garnet is the Red Garnet, and most affordable. Depending on what hue of red you like, it can be very dark red like brick colored, or a more cherry red which comes from Madagascar. There are several other red stones, that you could use in replace of Garnet, if you like the more exotic type stones. Such as Red Spinel, Red Labradorite, Hessonite Garnet, Red Diamond, or even a Ruby if you love Rubies.

There are more exotic colors of Garnet that can also be substituted for the traditional red color. Most of these are rare, and very expensive to purchase. There is Mandarin Garnet which is the orange variety of garnet, shown in the pear shape stone. Most material found now is included, and color is not always great. Tsavorite Garnet which is a lovely green color. It is shown it in the picture with the oval stone. It can be darker, which is more valuable, though they are all valuable. Rhodolite Garnet which is sometimes referred to as the Raspberry Garnet. In top quality it is a lovely pink/raspberry color, and can bring in high prices. It is shown in the picture with the oval stone. Demantoid Garnet, though similar in color to Tsavorite it has more brilliance and fire, and can be confused with a diamond. It is very expensive, and hard to get in good quality. I do own one, but do not have a picture of it. It is small, and I cherish it.

Garnets come in all colors except blue, and are natural with no know treatments, or enhancements to them.

Most of these pieces are available for sale. You can see my scrolling template on my sidebar, or you can visit my Etsy store. If you live in the USA, and purchase through my blog, S/H is free, and I do combine shipping, paypal, layaway, and tracking numbers. I no longer am shipping internationally, at least not right now. If you would like to ask about a piece, please feel free to email me, or drop me a comment here.

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