Thursday, January 8, 2009

Color Change Diaspore Ring

I have blogged about this gemstone before, you can find it in my archives. I really did not like the original setting I had it in, so I removed it and just set it aside. I think the main problem with the stone, is that it was sold to me as an 8mmx6mm oval stone. It is more like an 8mmx7.5mm making it almost round, not oval. Because it is not a standard calibrated size, it makes it more difficult to find a setting for it. I could have taken it to a jeweler and had a custom setting made. That could have cost hundreds of dollars, so I just waited knowing I would find something appropriate eventually. I tried round settings, and it just would not sit correctly. Finally this one, which is actually for a square cut stone, fit it perfectly. It allows a lot more light to pass through the stone, than the previous setting I used. Therefore the beauty of the stone can be better seen. As you can see it has a lovely Kiwi Green color, and under incandescent light changes to a lovely pinkish color, sometimes yellow. It is a natural gemstone mainly found in Turkey, and is sold under the trade name of Zultanite. It has a hardness of about 6 1/2 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it durable but care must be taken when wearing it. It is definitely a gemstone worthy of any collector, or jewelry lover.

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