Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blue Diamond and Pink Sapphire Band Ring

This ring is Blue Diamonds, and a pink color change Sapphire gemstone. The blue diamonds are 2mm rounds, and the sapphire is a 2.5mm round. They are set in 10k yellow gold band ring. It is a size 4 1/2. I showed it with my white gold diamond wedding band, to see how it looked. I actually very much like it with my Emerald solitaire that is yellow gold, not pictured yet. Because the blue diamonds also can have a green hue to them, it looks lovely with the Emerald. This lovely ring will stay in my personal collection, and interchange with my traditional wedding set. I love colored gemstones, and blue diamonds are my favorite. Though they are very expensive. Each blue diamond cost 5 dollars each, even at this small size. Imagine a 1ct with nice color, and clarity would cost, jeesh.

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