Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Inspired You To Make Your Own Jewelry?

I like to keep this blog informational, conversational, as well as sharing some of my pieces I have created. So my conversation, for today, is what inspired you to make your own jewelry?

For me, I am not really a crafty kind of girl, but I love gemstones. I started learning about them, and collecting them, about 7 yrs ago. I collected so many, I didnt know what to do with them. I love jewelry, and was given some very nice pieces, from family members that I cherish. As I got older, and really started wanting to buy pieces of jewelry, I noticed how extremely expensive, the more rare pieces are. I love the rare and more exotic gemstones, and refused to pay those ridiculous prices. So I looked into making my own jewelry. While some supplies, especially for standard setting jewelry, are expensive they are cheap compared to retail prices. As I got into it more, I realized that retail, charges at least 6 times more than what they actually paid for the jewelry or the supplies to make the jewelry themselves. That means that 6,0000 dollar engagement ring, you might have, actually only cost 1,000 dollars to make. Wow right, that is what I said. Now I cant always afford gold, or platinum settings, and buying lose diamonds is very difficult, but I can afford silver and good deals on loose gemstones can be found if you look hard. So I started making my own jewelry. Alot of it I have kept, gave as gifts, and some I sell. I love to share ideas, creations, and other info about gemstones and jewelry making.

So that was my inspiration, the simple love of jewelry, and the desire to not pay a fortune for it. So what about you?

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