Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tanzanite Topaz SS Ring, Big and Bold

This is one of my most favorite rings, I have ever done. It is Tanzanite colored Topaz. I bought the stone last year, to go in a pendant, for a Christmas gift. The stone did not fit in the Pendant setting, however so I just held onto it. Then I found this lovely sterling silver setting, and it fit perfect. The ring is a size 5, and the gemstone is a 8mmx6mm. Tanzanite Topaz is made by taking white Topaz, and either heating it, or irradiating it. It is a genuine gemstone, that has been treated to achieve this color. It is the color of the top quality Tanzanite that sells for thousands of dollars per carat. This lovely ring is available for sale, here through this blog for 39.99 Shipping is free, to US only. If you are interested please contact me for further details. It is available for 30 days only, and then it will be staying in my collection, as I love it. I will be adding a widget with all my pieces that are available for sale here on my blog. You can always check out the itmes I have available in my Etsy store, by clicking on that widget.

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