Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pricing and Supplies

Today I am going to discuss my pricing, and where I get a lot of my supplies.

First pricing, I have no magical method for pricing my items. I love jewelry, and I love gemstones. I started by collecting the stones, then I had so many I figured I better do something with them. So I started to learn to make my own jewelry. As anyone knows who does this, at first your work is not really worthy of selling. I kept those early pieces, and used them as learning tools. I have chipped and broke expensive stones, as well as scratched and broke prongs of settings. I would like to get a soldering device so maybe I can fix the ones I broke, and can learn to resize my own jewelry. Setting gemstones, is not an easy task. I thought oh this will not be that hard to learn. Boy was I wrong. Now almost 5 years later, I would not say I am perfect at it, but so much improved. I price my items according, to what it costs me to purchase the items. It is my goal to create, and make quality jewelry that is beautiful and affordable. I do not do this to make a ton of money. I make jewelry because I love it, and I think everyone should have lovely jewelry without the expense. Some people tell me my prices are too low. If my prices are too low, that is because I got an awesome deal on the stones, and or settings, and can offer it at an awesome price. If something costs me more, than I have to charge more, though I still try to keep my profit marginal so it is affordable to everyone. If an item has to be relisted several times, I do usually increase the price to cover fees.

I try to buy only the best products. I use three sellers on Ebay. They all make the settings themselves using silver or gold and the molds to create the settings. I set a limit on high to purchase something, so I can keep selling costs down, to my buyers. I also purchase gemstones, and settings from Rio Grande. They advertise their prices as wholesale, but they are on the higher end of pricing. I do love their synthetic gemstones, and they are affordable. They also sell Moissanite, and their CZ's are exceptional quality. I love Fire Mountain Gems for their gemstones, and beads. I have bought settings from them, but I find their prices to be high, and their settings to be just plain. Jewelry Television is another of my favorites for buying gemstones. I love to purchase their parcels, but then it can be difficult to identify what you have. I prefer to buy single stones, so I have them identified already. I have also purchased their semi mounts, and settings though their prices can be high, and the quality not always the greatest. You can always return your items to them, however for a full refund. I have bought jewelry from them, and removed the stones, and put in my own stones. This is actually very easy to do, and can save a bundle of money. Ebay is a huge resource for buying loose gemstones. Of course you have to be careful of scammers, and people selling fakes and fauxs. Be sure to examine their feedback. Remember just because a stone is selling for an affordable price does not necessarily mean it is fake. So much of the jewelry and gemstone business, is inflated for the maximum profit to be made.

So as you can see it is my ultimate goal to share the wonder, and beauty of gemstones, and jewelry.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Melissa, I want to single out one sentence here to thank you for: "Of course you have to be careful of scammers, and people selling fakes and fauxs." YES!!! It bears emphasizing that some suppliers go the extra mile and always tell you whether you're getting a pure genuine gemstone, or an enhanced/treated version, or an imitation that has a clever name. Interested readers will find much more about this in Rings & Things' Gemstone Beads Index.


at Rings & Things

Melissa said...

Thank you. There is nothing wrong with fakes, some are quite lovely. You certainly would not want to pay a fortune for one though. I forgot to mention that some of my items are lower if I am unsure of the treatments, or origins of a stone. When you buy parcels sometimes it is hard to identify them. Thanks for stopping by.

Queen Bea said...

How do you go about identifying all the stones in a parcel? I'm always intreged by those just because it's like playing the lottery, but I don't think I would know if I got something good!

Barbara said...

Most of the popular bead and gemstone companies (like Fire Mountain or Rings 'n' Things) list information on different kinds of gemstones. There are also some fabulous books out there (some are very scientific, others include metaphysical or mystical info) with wonderful pictures. They can give you a really good knowledge base.

If you think you have a really high end gemstone (diamond, ruby, etc.), you can always have it evaluated at a fine jewelry store, with an in-house jeweler....

I love reading those kinds of indexes, 'cause I love "TehPretteh, Pretteh Rocks"


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