Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Goals For This Blog

Well it is the end of one year, and the start of another. There are some goals I would like to achieve in 2009. This blog is fairly new, but I do have quite a few followers, thank you to all of you. I would like to get it ranked, it is currently at zero. I would like to add Project Wonderful, and earn some money off of add space. I currently offer a text link for 3 dollars per month, if anyone is interested. I would like to add a widget that will scroll pictures, and prices of items I have for sale. I love Etsy but if I could sell through my blog, without paying fees, that would be a wonderful thing. I also want to add a paypal button, for paying for items, and or Google Checkout. I want to have more contests, with free jewelry for prizes. I need to consider which items to give, and what the contest should entail. I have not done one in a while. I am thinking of having some guest bloggers, to blog about their different talents, and crafts. I want to add a statement about how, and why I price my items the way I do. Of course getting more readers, and traffic is a goal for most bloggers I know. I also want to continue to create, and design new pieces of jewelry. I have so many ideas, and can not wait to get to it.

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