Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Now Have A PR of 1, New Slideshow

Yay Google has given my blog a PR of 1. I am so excited. That was one of my goals for this blog for 2009, now I can focus on some of the other goals. I had a very kind follower send me an email on how to create a widget for my items for sale, thank you. I was able to add the widget itself to my blog very easily, but then I added pictures to the widget, and bang no pictures showed up. So I need to tinker with that some more, it might take a while lol. I am not really all that technical. I have almost all my new jewelry supplies I ordered, and I can not wait to get started on my projects. I like to wait until all my supplies are here, so I do not have to take everything out, and put it all back several times. I will be making a pair of matching earrings for my mom, for her birthday on Jan 5th. They will match the White Buffalo Turquoise necklace I made her for Christmas. I can not wait to share all my new projects with everyone. I would like to thank all my followers, and readers for such a wonderful year. Here is to a Happy and prosperous New Year. See you in 2009.

It took me all day today to figure out how to add the scrolling slideshow. As you can see it is finally there. I could not add prices to them, so if there is something you like, comment me or email me for pricing. All shipping is free if you order from this blog, to USA only. I am currently not doing international shipping, due to issues with my post office. It seems being rural, does not equal good service. I have so much more stuff to add, so be sure to check it out if you need a nice Valentines Gift for instance.


betchai said...

wow, congratulations, Melissa! Isn't that a great gift for the New year? Wishing you more fun and success in your blogging, and may the new year bring you more joy and happiness. God bless.

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai, and many great blessings to you, and your family.

FickleMinded said...

good for you, I am very happy too when i found out that my pr is not zero anymore.:)

Melissa said...

Thank you fickleminded, best wishes to you, and happy blogging.

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