Thursday, December 4, 2008

Easy, Cheap, Effective Way To Clean Jewelry

I got this from one of the womans magazines, probably Womans Day. It is easy, affordable, and it works. I tried it on my own jewelry, both silver and gold, and it worked great. I keep my jewelry pretty clean, so I didnt have any heavy dirty items, so I cant say how well it will work on heavily dirty, or tarnished pieces. In a cup or bowl, add a drop of mild dish soap, I used Dawn. Add your jewelry pieces, then just a bit of warm water. On top of that pour plain, unflavored seltzer water. Gently swirl it a little, to activate the bubbles, and soap. Leave the jewelry in for appx 2 -3 minutes. Scoop the jewelry out, and rinse under warm water, then dry with a soft cloth. The bubbles in the seltzer water, help to loosen any hidden dirt, and particles. You could use a very soft brush for extra cleaning. If you have fragile gemstones, dont brush the stone itself, just polish with a soft cloth.

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