Monday, December 1, 2008

Do You Write Your Own Songs?

There are so many talented, and gifted people with talents in many different crafts. My son has a ear for music, and even might some day want to try to write his own songs. He has already started writing a song, and he is only 8. He would need to add music to his lyrics, once they are completed, and I found the coolest website, where he could listen to beats, and then purchase if he liked them. You can click here, instrumentals to visit their website.

Once you go to the website, you can see all the beats that are available for purchase. He is a Paypal verified seller, and if you use Paypal you know that it is safe, and reliable. He offers a Gold Pack, and a Platinum Pack. Both options are royalty free, which means you get to keep any profits that are made. You also can make a song, and submit it to the website, and it could become a Featured Artist song. Once you have picked the beats you like, payed with Paypal, your beats will be emailed to you for you to download. How simple is that. My son listened to a whole bunch, of the available beats, and he really liked Hotel Room, and Take Two. If you like listening to beats, or you are an aspiring songwriter than you need to go to instrumentals

Gold packs start at 19.95, and Platinum packs at 99.95. Check it out today.


betchai said...

wow, that's good to know melissa, hope your son continues to be inspired in music.

Melissa said...

I hope so too. He really seems to have an ear for music. Thank you for stopping by.

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