Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Star Garnets From Idaho!

Did you know there was even such a gemstone as a Star Garnet? I did not. I spend alot of my free time browsing, the web looking for interesting gemstone information. The other day I came across Star Garnets, from Idaho. These lovely, rare, and hard to get ahold of stones, is the Idaho State Gem. Idaho has the finest Star Garnet, on the market, and is obviosly not well known, because as I said I have never heard of it. They are red, almost maroon in color, and some show a 4 ray star, and some a 6 ray star. How cool is that. I did a search, to try to purchase one, and quickly found there are none available for sale. I will keep, my eye on this cool and rare gemstone, and hopefully will someday be able to add one of these beauties, to my collection.

It has been a hectic morning here today, and I am way behind on everything. Please be sure and thank all Veterans today. Without them, this great country would not be.


rkdsign88 said...

Happy veteran day!

melissa said...

Thank you, and the same to you.

jewelers in boise idaho said...

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