Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Montana Sapphires The Native American Sapphires

If you are from the USA, and you love to collect gemstones, native to the states, then Montana Sapphires are for you. For a long time, they were not considered coveted, as compared to some other sources of Sapphires, because they lacked the desired blue color. Now with modern heat treating, the more desirable colors of blue can be obtained. Plus Montana Sapphires come in almost every color, and hue, of the rainbow. Most stones are small, another reason for lack of marketability, but that is starting to change. There are 4 different mining areas, for Sapphires, in Montana. Rock Creek, which offers some mining to the public. The other three sites are located on the Missouri River, about 15 miles from Helena.

The rings pictured, are of Montana Sapphires, from my collection. The cluster ring, contains 3 blue Montana Sapphires, then in the fourth slot is a Tanzanite. For some reason, possibly a flaw in the ring design, the fourth Montana Sapphire would not fit in that space, so I put a Tanzanite in there the next closest colored stone I had. See if you can notice which one it is. I was going to sell that one, but with the flaw, it will stay in my collection, and yes I wear it. The second ring, is an unheated Montana Sapphire, which would make it completely natural. It is 6mmx4mm oval, and is set in a sterling silver ring. This one also is not for sale, because I love it, and it will stay in my collection. For me I love collecting stones from my native country, plus I love the affordability of a Montana Sapphire, compared to a Ceylon Sapphire.


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

wow....thats a very pretty blue color!

melissa said...

Thank you, and they come in all colors you can imagine. I love them.

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