Friday, November 21, 2008

Huge Picture Jasper and Orange Calcite Pendants

If you love Big and Bold, I mean huge jewelry, then these pendants are for you. I love Picture Jasper. It is probably my most favorite gemstone, in cabachon form. It is extremely difficult to get a hold of, and is rather expensive. The heart shaped, Picture Jasper pendant, was made using soft pink peach colored wire, which is very soft and pliable. I made the bail super huge, to accommodate a ribbon, or large omega, chain, or whatever you would wish to wear this on. The other pendant, is Fire Orange Calcite. This is such a cool pendant. Calcite is usually like a chalky white or light yellow color, but can be found in other colors. It is also a rather soft and unstable gemstone, so using it in a pendant is perfect. This large beauty is Fire Orange in color, and has three gold tone, with fancy rope design to make it a drop pendant. The jump rings are each 10mm round, so it can accept a large chord, or omega as well. The two pear shape stones are Magnesite, other wise known as White Turqoise. They are actually a member of the Calcite family, not Turqoise, but Native Americans have referred to it as White Buffalo Turqoise, for years, and the name stuck with it. All of these lovely items, will be available for sale, later today, in my Etsy store, Missy69. You can scroll to the bottom of the page, to see my Etsy mini and visit my store.


Pamela Plumley said...

These are beautiful and I would love to see someone make a mock-up out of polymer clay. I say so because I do clay and I know people who do opal and turquoise and other gems out of clay. It would look great! Thanks for the nice pixes!

melissa said...

I dont know how to do clay, or I would give it a shot. It would be lovely to see the results.

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