Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crochet Choker With Swarovski Pearls and White Turqoise

This necklace, is my mothers Christmas gift, made by me. I tried to show it on different backgrounds, picture taking is not my natural craft. I crocheted the choker using a tan and gold thin thread. Then I added a tear drop shaped Magnesite stone, also known as white Turquoise, with Swarovski pearl dangles. I added a magnetic clasp for easy putting on, and taking off. I can not say how much I love these magnetic clasps, they are awesome. My mother has been telling me for years, that she would love White Turqoise jewelry. I have been looking and looking, and the only thing I could find was White Howlite, which she said was not the right material. Then last week, when browsing my new Fire Mountain Gems catalog they had something called Magnesite, which they also called White Turqoise. So I did some searching, and it seems this is the correct stone. It really is not Turqoise, and is no such thing as white Turqoise, but Native Americans for many years have called this material White Turqoise, or Buffalo Turqoise, and have used it in ceremonial jewelry. It seems it ias actually a member of the Calcite family of minerals.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Melissa, nice choker! And thanks for getting some information out there about magnesite. If people would like to know more, they can check out the "M" section of our Gemstone Beads Index, as well looking at some magnesite beads.


at Rings & Things

melissa said...

Thanks I will check out your info, have a great day.

Barbara said...

I really like Picture #3! :)

Since you have such a light color, and the metallic threads, you might find it helpful to shoot the piece against a dark grey or black to really make all the light colors "pop."

My mom has a buffalo carved out of magnesite. One of her Native American friends gave it to her for good luck/good fortune.

I really like this piece! I soooo don't have the patience to work with fibers like that, so I appreciate seeing it done well.

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