Friday, November 14, 2008

Canary Yellow Tourmaline Ooh La La

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Tourmaline, is such an amazing gemstone. It comes in almost every color of the rainbow, and is a very durable and tough stone. Canary yellow tourmaline is a new find of gemstones, out of Africa. Though yellow tourmaline is not new, it always had just a hint of brown to it. This new find of tourmaline, when heated, turned an amazing canary yellow color, and is flawlessly clean. This one pictured, is unheated, and therefore natural in its color. It does have a very slight hint of brown to it. It is also pleochroic, with changes to lovely green colors. I actually set it in a marquis setting, because it would absolutely not set in any oval setting I tried. I absolutely love this stone, and hope to get one of the canary colored tourmalines, someday.


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