Friday, November 28, 2008

Shop My Store For Huge Cyber Monday Sale

I need to clear out my inventory, so I am having a huge sale on Cyber Monday. In case you do not know when Cyber Monday is, it is Monday December, 1st. My sale will run from midnight to midnight on that day. I will be offering buy one, get second item 20% off. I already have awesome prices, and great jewelry and other items. If you want some lovely gifts at great prices, be sure to stop by

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here, or through my store. I do combine shipping, and will ship to certain international countries. Please be sure to contact me about shipping if you dont live in the USA. My products are mostly one only, creations by me. Have a great Friday, everyone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jade The Mystical Birthstone

I love Jade. I cant even tell you how much. I love especially the pink and lavendar varieties of Jade. These colors are usually enhanced or died, but I dont mind. There are two common forms of Jade, Jadeite and Nephrite.

Jadeite is a very tough and resistant form of Jade. It has tight growth of tiny interlocking grains, which makes it tough and resistant to scratching. It occurs in a variety of splendid colors. Jadeite is usually more transparent of the two kinds, and usually brings higher prices.

Nephrite Jade is a very dense and even tougher variety of Jade than Jadeite. It occurs in all colors, with green being the most valuable. Nephrite is more common than Jadeite.

Both Jadeite and Nephrite are used in Jewelry in Cabachons. It is also used for carvings, and vases, and other ornamental decorative uses. It is a very versatile and collectible gemstone. Both forms have a hardness ranging from 6-7, on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Jade is an ancient symbol of love and virtue. It has long been felt that it helps to protect the kidneys as well as other vital organs. It is also believed that wearing Jade, will increase body strength and add longevity to life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Added Technorati To This Blog

I finally got around, to adding Technorati to this blog. I have had it on my Homeschool blog for sometime. If you would like to be added to my favorites, leave me a comment. You can always click the widget on the side bar, and add me to your favorites, and I will reciprocate. I have not made any new jewelry, this week. I am just too busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. If you are traveling for the holiday, be safe, and have a great time.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Carnelian The Alternative Birthstone For August Babies

This ring, is either, a Carnelian cabachon, Mexican Fire Opal, Mandarin Garnet, or Red Agate. It was made by myself, and the gemstone is genuine, though unidentified.

I am an August baby, and I already made a post about Peridot. I love Peridot. If you have never experienced gem quality Peridot, than you no doubt are not a big fan of Peridot. In the commercial markets, it is dull, lifeless, and very often included. But all you August babies, there is gem quality Peridot out there, and it is stunning.

The alternative birthstone, for August is Carnelian. Carnelian is also an alternative birthstone for the Zodiac Sign Virgo. Carnelian is a member of the Chalcedony family, and is a hot red color, in its finest form. It is usually heat treated, to get this red hot color, and is extremely hard to find in its natural form. They are always cabachon cut, or that I have seen. I have several, loose stones, that I think are Carnelian but have not had them tested.

It has a hardness, of 6 1/2 to 7, on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which makes it suitable for jewelry. It is advised, to set with care, and wear with care, as 6 1/2 does not make it the toughest gemstone on the market. Pendants, and Earrings, would probably be the better options.

When held against the light, Carnelian's color variety will show stripes. Natural Carnelian, shows a cloudy distribution of color.

Carnelian was used to protect the traveler after death and guard against evil. Carnelian's healing properties are thought to help purify the blood, relieve menstrual cramps and back pain. It is also thought to be beneficial in the treatment of infertility and is worn to enhance passion and desire.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do you draw or sketch your designs?

Before you make a project, whether it be jewelry, or some other project, do you draw out your design first. I dont, because I am not really artistic that way. I see something in my mind, that I will like, and then I create it. It doesnt always turn out the way I envision it. Sometimes it is even better. So how do you design your creations. Imagination, thought, sketchings or drawings?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Huge Picture Jasper and Orange Calcite Pendants

If you love Big and Bold, I mean huge jewelry, then these pendants are for you. I love Picture Jasper. It is probably my most favorite gemstone, in cabachon form. It is extremely difficult to get a hold of, and is rather expensive. The heart shaped, Picture Jasper pendant, was made using soft pink peach colored wire, which is very soft and pliable. I made the bail super huge, to accommodate a ribbon, or large omega, chain, or whatever you would wish to wear this on. The other pendant, is Fire Orange Calcite. This is such a cool pendant. Calcite is usually like a chalky white or light yellow color, but can be found in other colors. It is also a rather soft and unstable gemstone, so using it in a pendant is perfect. This large beauty is Fire Orange in color, and has three gold tone, with fancy rope design to make it a drop pendant. The jump rings are each 10mm round, so it can accept a large chord, or omega as well. The two pear shape stones are Magnesite, other wise known as White Turqoise. They are actually a member of the Calcite family, not Turqoise, but Native Americans have referred to it as White Buffalo Turqoise, for years, and the name stuck with it. All of these lovely items, will be available for sale, later today, in my Etsy store, Missy69. You can scroll to the bottom of the page, to see my Etsy mini and visit my store.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Colors Of Christmas In Jewelry

Green and Red, Silver and Gold, the colors we associate with Christmas. What about in jewelry, the colors of Christmas. Silver settings, gold settings, Garnet, Spinel, Rubies, Green Quartz, Green Andesine Labradorite, Emerald, and many more. These stones are all the colors of Christmas, in wearable art form. All these lovely pieces are available for sale, in my Etsy store missy69, or click the link at the bottom of the site.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crochet Choker With Swarovski Pearls and White Turqoise

This necklace, is my mothers Christmas gift, made by me. I tried to show it on different backgrounds, picture taking is not my natural craft. I crocheted the choker using a tan and gold thin thread. Then I added a tear drop shaped Magnesite stone, also known as white Turquoise, with Swarovski pearl dangles. I added a magnetic clasp for easy putting on, and taking off. I can not say how much I love these magnetic clasps, they are awesome. My mother has been telling me for years, that she would love White Turqoise jewelry. I have been looking and looking, and the only thing I could find was White Howlite, which she said was not the right material. Then last week, when browsing my new Fire Mountain Gems catalog they had something called Magnesite, which they also called White Turqoise. So I did some searching, and it seems this is the correct stone. It really is not Turqoise, and is no such thing as white Turqoise, but Native Americans for many years have called this material White Turqoise, or Buffalo Turqoise, and have used it in ceremonial jewelry. It seems it ias actually a member of the Calcite family of minerals.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Combination Of Black And White In Jewelry

I do not know about you, but I love black and white together. In jewelry it is especially lovely. I actually like to combine black stones, with a lot of colors including, blue, red, and pink. There are a lot of black gemstones, available for jewelry making. There is Black Spinel, Sapphire, Onyx, Diamonds, just to name a few. Black Spinel used to be available in only huge carat weights, making it difficult to use as an accent stone. I recently was able to purchase 3 6mm round Black Spinel gemstones, the perfect size for jewelry making. I set one of them in this lovely sterling silver ring, surrounded by CZ's. The result is this stunning ring, that I wear almost everyday as part of my wedding set. I am not sure what I will do with the other two stones, yet. The other ring pictured, is a Black Sapphire ring, set in sterling silver. That ring, is a size 6 and is being offered as a promotional item, for my Etsy shop. The first person to purchase 25 dollars or more, before shipping, from my Etsy shop missy69, then return to this blog and state they have made the purchase will win that lovely ring for absolutely nothing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Common Gemstone Treatments

Most gemstones, in the marketplace, have been treated in one form or another. Treatments are used to enhance color, improve clarity, or in some cases make a stone a whole new color. For example most Citrine, in the market today, is actually heat treated light purple Amethyst. Did you know that, I didnt until I started researching gemstones. Tanzanite, is heat treted to get the purple blue color, so desired. When it comes out of the ground it is brown, or green, 9 times out of 10. Treating of gemstones, is completely acceptable in the trade. It is however, illegal to not disclose to the consumer, that a stone has been treated. Treatments, make stones more beautiful, but they should also bring the value of the stone down some. So when purchasing gemstones, beware of the seller that will sell you a stone at extremely high prices, without revealing to you the stone has been treated. Here are some common forms of treatments, being used today.

1- Heat treatment, probably the most commonly used method of treating gemstones. It is used to enhance or change the color, of a gemstone.

2- Diffusion, a method similar to heat treating that intensifies the color of a gemstone.

3- Irradiation, a method used mostly for enhancing of color, or bringing on a totally new color. Alot of exotic colors of diamonds and topaz are irradiated. Blue diamonds, red diamonds, green diamonds, and very intense yellow diamonds are almost always irradiated.

4- Oiling and Waxing, is used to enhance gemstone color by filling in cracks and fissures. It does not appear this is a permanent treatment, and your stone may someday not be as lovely as when you purchased it.

5- Fracture filling coats gems with a clear or colored epoxy resin or another substance. The treatment fills-in cracks, which improves the appearance of the gemstone. This is very often done with rubies, and emeralds, where large amounts of inclusions are common. This is acceptable in the trade, however it does devalue your stone immensely so beware when purchasing stones. Be sure to ask if this treatment has been done, especially if you are paying a very high price per carat.

6- Laser drilling, removes inclusions thereby improving clarity. I have never heard of this one, and have no experience with it.

In conclusion, while most gemstones, in the market today are treated in someway, it should be disclosed to you. They are used to make stones more beautiful and lovely.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pistachio Green Freshwater Pearl Bracelet And Earrings

As I have stated before, I love pearls. Colored pearls, are my favorite, but will take pretty much any. These lovely pieces were made by me. The earrings are dangle design, with Pistachio green Freshwater Pearls, wire wrapped with sterling silver wire. The bracelet, is a cuff style bracelet, with Pistachio green Freshwater Pearls, that were wire wrapped with sterling silver wire, to the bracelet. As you can see the results are lovely. Both of these lovely pieces will be available for sale, in my Etsy store, missy69 soon. Be sure to check out my store. The first person to spend 25 dollars, gets a free SS Black Sapphire ring.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Canary Yellow Tourmaline Ooh La La

I would like to remind everyone, about my sales promotion. The first person to buy 25 dollars, before shipping, from my Etsy store, will get a free SS Black Sapphire ring, which is pictured in a previous post. I only have one, and the first person, to verify purchase through this blog, will win it.

Tourmaline, is such an amazing gemstone. It comes in almost every color of the rainbow, and is a very durable and tough stone. Canary yellow tourmaline is a new find of gemstones, out of Africa. Though yellow tourmaline is not new, it always had just a hint of brown to it. This new find of tourmaline, when heated, turned an amazing canary yellow color, and is flawlessly clean. This one pictured, is unheated, and therefore natural in its color. It does have a very slight hint of brown to it. It is also pleochroic, with changes to lovely green colors. I actually set it in a marquis setting, because it would absolutely not set in any oval setting I tried. I absolutely love this stone, and hope to get one of the canary colored tourmalines, someday.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love Cameos, New and Vintage

I really love Cameos, new and old. The ring shown, my mother made for me for my birthday. It is a heavy silver, with a lilac and white cameo. I love it, and wear it often. The other two shown, I have had in my collection for many years. I think they are Intaglios but I am not sure. If anyone has any idea how to identify them, I would love to know. They do not appear to have any markings. The Brooch is of a Roman Soldier under glass, it is very colorful and 3D. The square cabachons are also Roman Soliders, and are 3D. I would love to know some more information on these, they are fascinating.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working On Some New Projects

I had intended, to make a ton of new jewelry yesterday. However, it did not work out that way. I was very frustrated, spending almost 2 hours on Fire Mountain Gems website, even though I knew what I wanted. Their site is typically slow, but wow I was getting really frustrated. Anyway I got the items I need to make a surprise necklace, for my mom for Christmas. I can not wait to have it made, and share it with everyone. I also want to finish the crochet, with leaf dangle doily I am making for my dining room table. Of course, I want it done before Thanksgiving, so I am stressing to work extra long on it. It is coming out really nice. This beautiful necklace, was my first attempt at making a beaded necklace. The focal teardrop, is blue glass, and I just could not resist buying it, it is such a stunning color. I thought I was clever, because I bought a wire choker with magnetic closure, well the Hematite beads did not have holes big enough, to fit over the closure. Grr, so I used very thin sterling silver wire, and wrapped them to the neck wire. The look is lovely. I love the blue and black together, and the Hematite beads are magnetic, so if you are into healing, these would be great. This lovely necklace is for sale in my Etsy store. The first person to spend 25 dollars or more, before shipping, gets a free ss black sapphire ring, posted in an earlier post. Dont miss out on this great deal.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Star Garnets From Idaho!

Did you know there was even such a gemstone as a Star Garnet? I did not. I spend alot of my free time browsing, the web looking for interesting gemstone information. The other day I came across Star Garnets, from Idaho. These lovely, rare, and hard to get ahold of stones, is the Idaho State Gem. Idaho has the finest Star Garnet, on the market, and is obviosly not well known, because as I said I have never heard of it. They are red, almost maroon in color, and some show a 4 ray star, and some a 6 ray star. How cool is that. I did a search, to try to purchase one, and quickly found there are none available for sale. I will keep, my eye on this cool and rare gemstone, and hopefully will someday be able to add one of these beauties, to my collection.

It has been a hectic morning here today, and I am way behind on everything. Please be sure and thank all Veterans today. Without them, this great country would not be.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Marvelous Monday: Gave My Heart 3162

This weeks featured Etsy store is Gave my heart 3162. This shop features, lovely prints and photos. I have checked out her store, and her prints are quite lovely. She has a nice variety to choose from, with prices starting at just 5 dollars. If you would like to visit her store, go to Check out her lovely prints, and maybe you can cross of some Christmas gifts, from your list.

My Etsy store is featuring a give away. The first person to purchase 25 dollars, and contact me here at this blog, will win a SS black sapphire ring, pictured above. Go to my Etsy store, and check out my merchandise. I am having a similar offer at my homeschool blog, with the free item being a childrens learning computer, from Fisher Price. Go to to check out my inventory. Dont miss out on these great oppurtunities. I only have one of each item, that is being given away.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wire Wrapped Cage Pendant Free Lesson

I am having a Promotional Sale, at my Etsy store. The first person to buy 25 dollars, of merchandise, before shipping, will get this free SS Black Sapphire Ring, it is a size 6. You must contact me, here at this blog, so I know you are taking this promotion, after your purchase has been made. I only have one, and it will go to the first verified buyer. Do not miss this great oppurtunity, to scratch two people off your list. This is a lesson I found for a wire wrapped cage pendant, and it is free. This particular website also has other lessons. They are not free, but their prices seem comparable to others that I have seen. I have not tried this one yet, but I will soon. They say it is easy to do, and can hold a versatile size and shape of a stone. So if you have a freeform stone, this may work well for you. If you want to check it out go to
The link to their page that has the other lessons available is Try them, let me know how they work for you, happy wire wrapping

Friday, November 7, 2008

Robins Egg Blue Turquoise Ring

Turquoise, a very beloved, and traditional gemstone. The lovely robin's egg blue color, makes it a much loved stone. Turquoise, is very often found with black veins, or a matrix. Turquoise also can be found in other colors, but they are usually dyed not natural in color. USA Turquoise, very often has Iron in it, giving it a greenish blue color. Turquoise is a softer stone, with a hardness of only 5-6. But more importantly it is a very pourous stone, which can lead to the stone cracking and drying out. It is somewhat unstable, and is very often dipped in resin, or other products to coat it and make it more stabilized. It is very sensitive to household chemicals, and oil from the skin. Care should be taken when wearing and cleaning Turquoise. Turquoise jewelry should always be removed, before washing hands, taking a shower, housework, or any other activities that could expose the stone to chemicals, oils, sweat, or excessive light.

This lovely ring will be posted in my Etsy store, available for sale. If you are interested, be sure to check out my store.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Simulated Gemstone vs Synthetic Gemstones

There is a difference between simlated and synthetic gemstones. Of course a natural gemstone is a genuine gemstone.
Simulated gemstones are manmade gemstones, that can be made of any materials, including glass. They mimic the natural gemstone, they are simulating. They are often very large, affordable, clean and quite beautiful. They do not hold a lot of value, but make quite striking jewelry. Probably the most well know simulated gemstone is a CZ, which of course is a simulant for a diamond. Another one that I very much like, is the Paraiba Ice. It is a simulated gemstone made to mimic the very expensive Paraiba Tourmaline, which is the natural form of the gemstone. It has a lovely swimming pool blue color, and is quite affordable, in the simulated form.
Synthetic gemstones, are manmade gemstones as well. However they have the same chemical and optical properties, as a natural gemstone. There are some that carry a great deal of value, and are worth having in a collection. I own some padparadscha sapphire synthetic gemstones. I would of course love to own the natural form, but it is not only extremely rare, but extremely expensive. There are many synthetic stones on the market. It is like having a perfect version of the natural stone, without the expense.
Of course, as a collector, I would love to have a natural gemstone in all the stones that are available. Unfortunately that is not always possible, so these lovely substitutes, do nicely in their place.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Montana Sapphires The Native American Sapphires

If you are from the USA, and you love to collect gemstones, native to the states, then Montana Sapphires are for you. For a long time, they were not considered coveted, as compared to some other sources of Sapphires, because they lacked the desired blue color. Now with modern heat treating, the more desirable colors of blue can be obtained. Plus Montana Sapphires come in almost every color, and hue, of the rainbow. Most stones are small, another reason for lack of marketability, but that is starting to change. There are 4 different mining areas, for Sapphires, in Montana. Rock Creek, which offers some mining to the public. The other three sites are located on the Missouri River, about 15 miles from Helena.

The rings pictured, are of Montana Sapphires, from my collection. The cluster ring, contains 3 blue Montana Sapphires, then in the fourth slot is a Tanzanite. For some reason, possibly a flaw in the ring design, the fourth Montana Sapphire would not fit in that space, so I put a Tanzanite in there the next closest colored stone I had. See if you can notice which one it is. I was going to sell that one, but with the flaw, it will stay in my collection, and yes I wear it. The second ring, is an unheated Montana Sapphire, which would make it completely natural. It is 6mmx4mm oval, and is set in a sterling silver ring. This one also is not for sale, because I love it, and it will stay in my collection. For me I love collecting stones from my native country, plus I love the affordability of a Montana Sapphire, compared to a Ceylon Sapphire.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amethyst The Gemstone Of Royalty, New Sale Promotion

Amethyst, is the purple variety of quartz, and the most sought after and prized. It is said that if you like purple, then you like being in the spotlight. I am not a purple fan, but Amethyst, in the deeper hues of purple, are quite lovely. Amethyst has been around, for hundreds of years, and is a very durable gemstone. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It has a hardness of 7, on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Amethyst can be found in faceted, cabachon, beads, chips, geodes, and even ornamental carvings. It is a very versatile stone, in the gemstone world. Amethyst can be heat treated, to deepen the purple color. Very light colored Amethyst, when heat treated becomes a soft minty green color called Prasiolite. I will write more about Prasiolite, at another time. Heat treated Amethyst, will also turn a golden yellow color, called Citrine. I read recently, that 90% of the Citrine on the market today, is actually heat treated Amethyst. To get a natural unheated Citrine is extremely rare. Another very rare form of Amethyst is Ametrine. Ametrine, is part Amethyst and part Citrine. It is natural, and untreated and found primarily in Bolivia, and very little in Brazil. Both of these lovely rings are available for sale, in my Etsy store,

The first ring, is set in sterling silver featuring a Marquis Amethyst surrounded by pink Sapphires. It is a stunning ring. The second one is also set in sterling silver, featuring a deep rich purple Amethyst. My prices are good, I offer a layaway service, and the very first person to spend 25 dollars, gets a free sterling silver black Sapphire ring.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Marvelous Monday: Etsy Shop Paper Sparrow

This lovely necklace was made by me, and will be added to my Etsy store
I made this lovely necklace, using a glass blue tear drop, Hematite beads, wire, and necklace with magnetic closure. I do not usually work with glass, but I absolutely loved this blue glass bead. The picture does not due it true justice. After taking off the bead caps, I could not fit the Hematite beads on the necklace, so I used very thin wire, and wrapped them to the necklace. The look is actually quite lovely. If you would love to own this lovely necklace, go to my Etsy store. I offer a layaway plan, on all my items.

Today on Marvelous Monday, is the Etsy Shop Paper Sparrow. You can visit Paper Sparrow, by clicking this link

Her store features prints of various birds, nature, and other animals. Each print is reasonably priced, and lovely yet simple. She has tons of different options, for sale in her store.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kunzite From The Spodumene Family

Kunzite is a violet to pink gemstone, first found in 1902, by gemologist G.F. Kunz. Kunzite is a 6 /12 on the Mohs hardness scale, but is very brittle in its internal structure. Extreme care should be taken when setting, and wearing this gemstone. It is a pleochroic gemstone, which means it can exhibit different colors at different angles. Violet, pink, paler shades of violet, clear, and even red can be exhibited. There is a very new find of Kunzite called Patroke Kunzite that comes from Afghanistan. It is the loveliest hottest pink color I have ever seen. I do not own any, as it is very, very expensive. The Kunzite pictured is set in sterling silver, and measures 12mmx10mm, and is oval. Set in a fancy filigree design ring, size 6 1/2. It is a lovely soft lilac color. This is the only piece of Kunzite I have in my inventory. It is available for sale in my Etsy store, missy69. You can view my Etsy mini at the bottom of this blog.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Top 10 Entrecard Droppers, Gemstone Christmas Ornaments

I need all of your input. I have made these lovely Christmas Tree Ornaments, using Gemstones. They will all be added to my Etsy store. I have no idea what to charge for them, and if there would be an interest. I was given, rough gemstones, and some polished and tumbled gemstones. Because of their free form shape, they were incredibly difficult to wire wrap for jewelry. So I found some of the softest, most pliable craft wire, and in cool colors, and was able to wrap them in Ornament shapes. I think these are awesome, and would make even Charlie Browns Christmas tree look stunning. What do you think?

It is the day to thank all my top 10 Entrecard droppers. Please take a minute, and visit all these wonderful blogs.

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