Friday, October 31, 2008

Tanzanite being coated, it is true!

This topic comes from an article I read on colored stone magazines website. To see the article for yourself go to It seems there are some very greedy people that have been selling color coated tanzanite, to give it that top blue color. I wondered for a very long time, how some certain companies were getting this top quality tanzanite, when it supposedly was not available. Well here is your reason, it is not the genuine color. It is being treated, and top coated with some kind of coloring agent. The color does not go all the way through the stone, and it is just being discovered by only certain laboratories. So if you have spent thousands of dollars, per carat, on one of those so called blue gemmy tanzanites, you might want to have it tested by one of these labs. I personally own some tanzanite, of the lighter blue violet color, and am now glad I did not invest in one of those pricier pieces. This treatment, of course, will bring down the value of your tanzanite. It is already common knowledge, that tanzanite is a heat treated stone, therefore not a natural gemstone. I think anyone, who follows gemstones, could name a popular TV show, that was selling tanzanite for about 1500 dollars per carat, just 6 months ago, and is all of a sudden selling it for 300-700 per carat. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.


Leslie said...

Great post vert informative! I love tanzanite! Your right all my tanzanite is blue violet. {my fav. color}

Thanks for leaving me a comment. To answer your question bout Miss Hello kitty - She is 1.5"h { from her ear down} x almost 2"w. I have a month if you*d like her, she is up for grabs. Just let me know.

melissa said...

Well it would be for a 4 yr old, how what is the length of it.

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