Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Template, But Wow What A Mess

Like I said yesterday, since something was wrong with the blog, I was going to try to change to a totally new template. As you can see I have a totally new template, but everything else was lost, except the posts. I am not sure what I did wrong, because it said it backed it up, guess what it didnt back it up. So now I am playing the fix it game. Melissas Jewelry and Gemstone Blog, is now Melissas Jewelry and Gem blog. I did not lose any contest info, for those with entries. I write them down everytime, someone gets an entry. I can still access the other blog for comments anyway. If anyone buzzed up an article, please leave me a comment, because Buzz does not let me know who buzzed me up, or at least not that I see. So please take credit for your buzzes, on the other blog, so they can count towards contest entries. If you dont remember the other blog you can go to I have to now re enter everything, that I can and that will take some time. I copied the last 3 most recent posts, and will try to get all the tutorials and other great info, transferred over too. They might be in link form, rather than a post I dont know yet. This will probably take me a little time, and I am not sure I will ever do this again. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.


BeadedTail said...

I just attempted to add an RSS feed onto my blog for my top EC droppers but gave up after I couldn't get it figured out so was surprised to see what you encountered! Blogger is supposed to be so easy but it sure proves to be diffcult sometimes doesn't it? Anyway, I like the fall look of your blog!

Melissa said...

Thank you, but now I am afraid to change it to anything else. I completely lost all my links on the original blog, just the posts are there, and for some reason it would not fix itself. I will definately check next time, to be sure my data was backed up and not just take their word for it. You now get 1 entry into my Oct contest. Stop by again.

Anonymous said...

It also happened to me before at Wordpress, Melissa. I changed my template, and baaam!, my links were gone. But since I shifted to Today and not blogging really at Wordpress anymore, I just let it be. Maybe, the same reason why at Today my template has not changed since I started August. Maybe, this happens to us who are not very good with webpage and design? All I know is to blog and post pictures :(

Anyway, I like your background, the pumpkins. Fall is really here and halloween is coming.

Also, I have to sign off with my wordpress account since I do not have blogger account, and Today is not accepted in Open ID :)

Three Fates said...

I like the new look. very festive.

I had this happen once too, since then I've been too scared to try anything.

Melissa said...

three fates: I agree, I am nervous now, but I cant leave it with pumpkins forever. I am going to let it stay right until after Thanksgiving, and then see if my braveness has returned. Thanks for stopping by, you got an entry in the jewelry giveaway.

ForKeeps said...

Love the pumpkins!

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