Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How To Set Faceted Gemstones, Easy Tutorial

As promised, I found a tutorial that teaches how to set gemstones in ring settings. The first one is for snap tite settings, the easiest to use, but not as durable. The second is for a four pronged ring. I would like to add one small tip. They using flat nose pliers to tighten the prongs. I am not saying that is wrong, but if you buy gem setting pliers, they have a groove in them, that makes the process even easier. Here are the links, happy jewelry making. This website by the way has tons and tons of jewelry making tips, classes, and information. Look around, you will love it.


While they make it look easy, it takes a lot of practice to get the right feel. Plus you will find you will scratch and break prongs easier than would be expected. Some gemstones also are not calibrated exactly as the setting, or the pavilion is deeper or more narrow than the setting will allow. With practice, and time you will be an expert at setting your own gemstones.


pandora said...

This is a helpful tutorial for all interested in jewelry making... collectors and businessmen alike :) I especially like Pandora Charms.

melissa said...

Thank you I hope it is helpful to lots of people.

Gary Helwig said...


One of your links is broken. It should be:

We do use the gem setting pliers on the following web page: http://www.wigjig.com/jewelry-making/bling/pg18.htm . Thank you for your kind comments about our web site.


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