Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Make It Monday: Easter Glass Gifts

Make it Monday is about to become Make it Saturday.  My work schedule has changed, so that I will be working every Monday.  That means most likely my craft day will be Saturday, with bits and pieces during the week.  I also am considering checking out my local flea market to expand sales and exposure.  I meant to go down there today, but got held up with homeschool issues.  For now I will call them for info.

So, since Valentine's Day is over I decided to skip right to my March themes, since there are quite a few for March.  I made these etched glass bunny pieces.  The first one is kind of like a square Mason Jar.  The bunny peaks through the glass at you when you are looking through the opposite side.  I think this would be an adorable candy dish, small basket, or put a beta fish in there and give as a gift.

The second is a red vase with an Easter Bunny silhouette etched into the glass.  It is 8 inches tall, and I showed it with a beautiful long stem red rose, that really should have been made shorter. 

To find either of these items do a search in Google for Missy69, or MelissasHandmade on Etsy and or Ebay.  They are not yet listed, but will be in a day or two. 

The themes for the rest of February, and March are Easter, St Patricks Day, Rainbows, and anything green. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Make It Monday: Hearts Galore Etched Glass Vase

For Make it Monday this week, I created this beautiful pink bud vase, the graduation mug, and a new art piece for Redbubble. Staying with the theme of pink, red, hearts and love.

 First up is a pink glass vase, that I used my Dremmel to etch on the words All of My Love, and Hugs and Kisses. This will be a made to order item in my Etsy, and Ebay store, as the one shown was created for my son to give to his girlfriend. He is putting chocolate kisses in it, and one long stem rose. Great for weddings, anniversaries, engagements or Valentine's Day.

 I created a new art piece for Redbubble. I can not share those images here, so click this link to visit my Redbubble page, and view all the wonderful items you can purchase there.

 The large glass mug was created for my son's graduation in April. I am hoping people will put coins in it. I used my Dremmel to etch the words, Let the Adventure Begin. On the opposite side it has his name, Valedictorian, and Class of 2018 etched into the glass. This also will be a made to order item in both my Etsy, and Ebay stores. They will all be listed by tomorrow February 15th, or 16th.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Make It Monday: Love Is In the Air

Monday, and yesterday, I set out some time to make some items for Valentine's Day.  Since I think love should be celebrated all year, give these any time of the year to be cherished and loved.  These etched glass pieces, and the one clay pot, can be used as candy dishes, candle holders, fish, small plants, etc.

I am unsure which ones will go in my Ebay shop, and which ones will go in my Etsy shop.  So be sure to check both.  I am missy69 on Etsy, and Melissas Handmade on Ebay.  I am working on some new art for the topic of love, but it encompasses more of a pink theme.  My February theme is, love, red, pink, and hearts. 

The first etched glass piece is a squirrel holding a nut, and he professes I am Nuts About You!  The back side has a beautiful heart.  There is room on the sides where I could put a date and a name if desired. 

The second one, is two love birds, and it says Love is patient and kind, and says Happy Valentines Day on the back.  This one I showed with the clay pot to show how if both were purchased together, how adorable it would be.

The clay pot is a new  medium of decorating clay pots for me.  I found this adorable heart ribbon, and hot glued it all around the clay pot.  You can see at the very top of the pot there is room for words and names if so desired. 

All of these should be added to my stores within the next 24 hours.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Make it Monday: Love Birds

My final Make it Monday project for January, and with a bird theme, are these adorable lovebirds wood burned onto a wooden sleigh. It is actually not 100% completed as I want to add some flowers, or hearts, or both, as at the top. I will have to see what my craft store has to offer this week. This could actually count for February theme too, as it will be love. I have not yet decided if this will go in my Ebay or Etsy store.

 The other two items shown have nothing to do with birds, but were projects in the works. The box will be a made to order item in my Etsy store. The one shown was created for my son's homeschool graduation coming up. That is the theme, and logo I designed for him for his graduation. It is a gift, card, and money box that will be for memories later on. He asked me to stain it, so I will.

 The blanket, is by far my most favorite baby blanket ever. The yarn was on sale, so I could only get two skeins. So, I made it in baby blanket size. It is a good size baby blanket though, 40 inch by 40 inch, so could be lap, sofa, etc blanket. I will be doing this again in larger sizes, with other yarn. I just love this design. It will probably go in my Ebay store in next couple of days. I have a partial skein of this lovely yarn left, and I need to decide what to do with it.


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