Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Make It Monday!

So, I have missed a few Mondays, lol. I have been busy creating, just not necessarily on Monday. I did the rings before we evacuated for Irma, but could not get a blog post done. The others I did after we returned, sporadically, when I got a chance. Now that we are back to homeschooling, Mondays might be any day of the week.

 I finally got my crochet hooded poncho completed, and I love it. It is so warm. It is not for me, though, lol. It is available for purchase in my Etsy shop, and can be made to order in other colors. The rings are also listed in my Etsy shop, two Zandrite, and one Amethyst. You can always find me by searching Missy69 on Etsy, Mrr05 on Ebay, and Missy69 on Redbubble. Which reminds me the last item is my Halloween painting for 2017, Bat Kisses. This one is an edited version of the original painting, using photo shop features. I edited it several times, with some cool looks. All of them will eventually be available on gift items on Redbubble.

 I have started a new crochet project, which should go pretty fast, I hope. I have a new ring setting coming, and it is getting cool enough to start back up with wood burning projects, and etched glass projects. Just in time for the Holidays!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Getting Back to Business

Well we did end up evacuating from Hurricane Irma.  I had my Etsy shop on vacation for several days.  All of my shops are now up and running again, Etsy, Ebay, and Redbubble.  I have so many projects to get done for Fall/Halloween.  I feel like a whole week was wasted.  Of course it wasn't, but it feels like it.  I did finish a new art project, with another started, and the hooded poncho is almost done.  I still have to skull fairy garden light posts to make, and I made a bunch of new rings before leaving.  Stay tuned I am still here.  

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Make It Monday

The last two Mondays have been crazy, and this next one doesn't look any better. I have been making new products, but have not had time to do complete posts. Below is one of my new rings. I did a couple of paintings, not yet listed, and should finish the hooded crochet cape today. I am prepping for Hurricane Irma, so all these items will be stored, and hopefully safe. After is all good and clear, I will do a decent post. Stay safe if you are in the path of this storm, and pray, always pray.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Make It Monday: Owl Clay Pot, and Teach Love Not Hate Art

This week for Make it Monday, I made a lovely zentangle owl clay pot, that I just love. I am all out of the bigger clay pots now, again, but I have some little ones that I might make some cute Halloween ghosts or something. This will be for sale in my Etsy store, Missy69. I took a nice close up, so no pot was showing to see if I can upload to Redbubble items. We will see.

 The second items, is Teach Love Not Hate, and is hand drawn and painted. This is only my second time drawing hands, so it took me several attempts to get it right. I really love how this one came out too. This item will be available on various products on my Redbubble account, Missy69 

 I am finally almost done with the hooded cape. I have been really pushing myself to work on it. It is really quite lovely, and will be super warm too. Right now as I type this it is 101 degrees outside, so super warm is not something I need, lol.


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