Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Make it Monday: Bird Feather Doodle Art

I actually got called into work yesterday, so couldn't do any stuff on Monday. We have been in a deep freeze here in FL. It finally warmed up yesterday. I can't do glass etching when it is too hot, or too cold. Since, I missed Monday, and was pinched for time to do glass etching, I did some doodle art with the theme of birds, namely bird feather doodle art. I love doodle art, it is the best. Done with a variety of mediums, and will be available on Redbubble, probably tomorrow.

 I continue to work on the new crochet blanket, which doesn't have anything to do with birds, but oh will it be beautiful. I think I said my theme for February would be Valentine's Day, but actually it will be love. Don't forget to check out my January sales in both my Etsy shop, and my Ebay shop. Each has their own set of items, and different sales. Redbubble runs sales too, but I have no control over those.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

30 Days of Reflections: Day 2

So, day 2 is supposed to be to reflect on what I would do if time froze for 1 hour for everyone except me.  Apparently the end result is that I would spend the hour reflecting on what I would do for that hour.  Good grief, that seems like a waste of time, LOL!

All the things I thought I would do, after thinking about it seemed wrong, even if for a good cause.  Here are some that I decided were not good ideas:

1-  Take all the dog, and pet food I can from local grocery stores, and take them to pet shelters feed the animals, and then leave the food there for the shelters to use.  Awesome idea, right?  No, because I would still be stealing even if for a good cause.  I would think that grocery stores would just give food to shelters, but I guess not.  Same for human shelters, but again the whole stealing thing.

2-  Take all the money from the bank and leave it with homeless, or needy people, or those that serve these populations.  Again, I would be stealing. 

3-  Drive as fast as I can to see how far I can get in an hour.  Not good, because what if I had a car accident there would be no one to  help me.  Or, what if the hour ended and I didn't know it was only an hour, and then I get killed in an accident because all the frozen cars will no longer be frozen.

4-  I even considered pranking all the people I could that were frozen in time.  But, it occurred to me what if I get caught, and end up with a black eye, or broken nose. 

See what I mean?  I spent almost an hour thinking about what I would do in an hour that I was the only person not frozen in time.  So, in conclusion, I would go somewhere peaceful, by water, meditate, clear my head and enjoy the peace and quiet for one hour.  Oh how beautiful that would be, and no thinking.  LOL!!!

What would you do for one hour if you were the only person frozen in time?  

Monday, January 1, 2018

Make It Monday: New Etched Glass Pieces

As promised my new Ebay store is open. It actually made me use from my old shop name, from years ago, Melissa's Menagerie of Stuff. That is way too long, so I changed it to Melissa's Handmade. I wanted Missy69. because that is the hashtag for my Etsy shop, but someone already had it taken.

 The first theme for January, is birds. Below you will see the beautiful etched glass vase, with hummingbirds, and a rose. This came out so lovely. Great Valentine's Day gift. It is available in my Etsy store. 

 The other item was actually started a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got it finished. It is a set of 5 mason jar style jars with nautical items etched into the glass. These are also quite lovely, and would make great decor for a nursery, camp, bathroom, etc. They are available in my Ebay store.

 Also, as promised, I will run a different sale each month. Neither shop has the same things in it, and the sales are different. For January, all rings are 50% off. Just in time to get your sweetie a nice piece of Jewelry for Valentine's Day. Click here, to go to my Etsy shop. My Ebay shop promotion for January, is 10 dollars off select items. 22 items are eligible for this deal, and are automatically marked down. To see my new Ebay store, click here.


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