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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wood Burning Project #2 Wedding Picture Frame Keepsake

Last night I sat down to do my second wood burning project. I purchased a basic wooden frame, at my local craft store. Then I hand drew all the items onto the wood. Then of course I burned the design onto the wood. You can see the results. You must have some good hand strength, and a steady hand too, to do wood burning. I wear a sock, or glove, when I wood burn, because the instrument gets so hot it is hard to hold for long periods of time. My son, and daughter both want to give wood burning a try. I think it is fine for my son, not sure about my daughter. This is available to purchase in my store, Melissas Menagerie of Stuff, on Etsy. It can be stained, painted, and personalized with name and date. I think I like the frames better than the plaque, which I did last time. It just seems to be more usable than a plaque. But, I will do those too. Custom orders are always welcome. I am using a new photo editor, and getting use to it,  so if some of the edges look funny that is why. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

How To Paint A Lotus Flower

Today, I went and picked up another pair of flip flops to paint on, and a wooden frame to do my second try at wood burning. They probably won't get done until Monday, but that is ok. The Lotus flower paint video below, is for water colors. I use acrylics, but I am sure I can figure it out. Rosebuds are my favorites, but I truly love all flowers. I have not attempted to paint the lotus flower, yet. The wooden frame, I think I am going to make a baby theme, or wedding theme. I have not completely decided yet. Have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shabby Chic Pink Rosebud Hand Painted Sneaker Tennis Shoes

I took an old pair of my white tennis sneaker shoes, painted them white, then did the rose buds and vines. These were old, but hardly worn. Now, I will wear them to see how the paint holds up. It is holding up quite well on my flip flops, so I assume these which are canvas will be the same or even better. I am considering making these made to order items, in my Etsy shop. I will need to buy a few pairs of canvas tennis shoes to show some examples. Stay tuned, if you are interested. Customers can always contact me, through my Etsy shop, to ask about custom or made to order items. These were a lot of fun to make. As you can see I tried three different types of buds to see which I liked best. Don't forget about my, christmasinjuly coupon.  It is available to use now through July 12, 2015.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Upcycled Hand Painted Large Coffee Can for Table Decor, Vase, Wine Holder, Parties, Showers Made to Order

I love to take garbage and make it beautiful. This used to have coffee in it. It is a large coffee can. I painted it with red, white and blue acrylic paints. Nothing fancy for this one, but I will be putting a plant in it, and it will be table decor, until after Summer, and then it will be moved outside in the garden. I am making this item a made to order item in my Etsy shop, Melissas Menagerie of Stuff. You can pick what you would like painted on it. If I can do it, I will. This would be great as table decor, a wine holder or other beverages, for parties, showers, weddings, and other events. Visit my Etsy shop for details. Don't forget to use coupon code, christmasinjuly, now through July 12, 2015 to get an extra 10% off all my shop items.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hand Painted Shabby Chic Pink and White Rosebud Painted Flip Flops Summer Sandals

As we wrap up our homeschool year, I have a lot more time on my hands. Time to sort, clean, organize and declutter, even more than I already do. I also get more time to paint, crochet, create jewelry, and learn new things. I think I will be taking a class, over the Summer, on Coursera, just to learn something new. It has nothing to do with crafts, but keeping your brain fresh is always a good idea. I might try a language. What does that have to do with these flip flops? Nothing! But, I was feeling chatty.

These are white flip flops, size medium, that I painted on some adorable pink and white rosebuds. Very Shabby Chic, they are. These would be awesome for a beach wedding. I do seal my flip flops, with three layers of sealant, for durability and longer lasting wear. They are available for purchase at Melissas Menagerie of Stuff. That is my Etsy store.

 Don't forget to read about my Christmas in July event. It has already started, for my shop, and will go through July 12, 2015.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My New Crafty Love: Wood Burning

At our last 4H meeting, one family of kids was giving a talk on how they learned to do wood burning. The parents were there, supervising, and I asked some questions. I thought it would be something affordable, and fun, that maybe myself, and DJ could get into. Caitlin said she wanted to try it too, but it gets really hot, and you have to have a strong, steady hand. I might let her give it a whirl. So, I bought a simple wood burner, at my local Walmart and a wood plaque. DJ only tried on one small part, just to see if he would like it. He said yes. Anyway, I hand drew the deer head onto the wooden plaque. I wanted something for Father's Day, but not too difficult to start with. I wrote in pencil Happy Father's Day 2015. I figured the words would be the hardest, so I started with them. They weren't that hard, just had to go slow. The antlers were way more difficult. Now, that could be because my hand was tired, and hot. I am not sure, but I did the antlers last, and that was a killer. Of course I want to do more intricate designs. So, the next time I head off to Wally World, I will buy three pieces of wood, or maybe a wooden box for me to dabble with. Anyway the Father's Day deer head plaque, is available in my Etsy shop, click here. I left it natural, but it can be stained, painted, and even personalized.

Ooh, and don't forget I have a Christmas in July coupon available.  Read the details in the listing.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Am Doing the 2015 Etsy Christmas in July Event Coupon Available

As you can see from the brand new shiny banner, above, I am participating in the Etsy 2015 Christmas in July Event.  The event will run from July 1- 12, but you are in luck.  Because, I never know what is going to happen in my crazy world, I have already created a coupon, and it is active right now.  Use coupon code christmasinjuly when cashing out from my Etsy shop, and get 10% off, plus free usa shipping, and of course I offer a layaway service.  I am still learning about this event, and there is a lot to learn.  But, for now I can prepare, and get ready.  I will be listing some Christmas related items, that I have not relisted yet.  So, be sure to check back when the event starts.  Bookmark my blog now.  Visit my Etsy store, by clicking here, or using any of the banner widgets available on this blog. 


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